Jun 07 2017

Statement on President Trump’s 34 Percent Approval Rating

In recent polls, President Donald Trump’s approval rating sits at 34 percent. There are several reasons for this low approval rating, and the Reform Party would like to point out several issues that have negatively affected Trump’s administration. The Reform Party has highlighted these nine issues, and wishes to offer advice on them:

  • The White House needs more follow through on economic policy that creates growth for the working and middle class. So far, President Trump has made little headway on domestic promises. These promises included relief for industrial workers in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. By commissioning a nonpartisan study group to review trade provisions, subsidies, tax breaks and regulations, the entire federal bureaucracy concerning American Industry can be audited, and then corrective measures can be made.
  • On the issue of trade, there are numerous safety mechanisms and other features in trade agreements that are not being enforced. The United States government could improve the American economy by proper enforcement of these trade provisions. With proper enforcement, it would reduce unfair trade from China and other nations that take advantage of the United States market. At the same time however, the Reform Party would like to offer a word of support in leaving the Transpacific Partnership.
  • President Trump should understand that the United States needs an “all of the above” energy policy that diversifies America’s energy sector. For far too long, the United States has been overly reliant on fossil fuels. This makes the price of energy dependent on the price of a few commodities. If the price of those commodities rise, so will energy prices. By diversifying into renewable energy, it would minimize the risk of the price of energy rising in the future.
  • The White House has been hit by numerous controversies. The major issues are with Russia. The Russian issue needs to be resolved in a competent and transparent manner to restore faith in government. At the same time, President Trump should also take steps to distance his own image from Putin.
  • Even though President Trump has blamed opposition for blocking his appointments, Trump has only nominated 110 people for 559 positions. If he is running short on qualified nominees, we can suggest some. These positions include a number of ambassadorships, and need to be filled quickly.
  • President Trump promised to “drain the swamp”. A number of his high level cabinet picks however were wealthy Republican donors and members of the old elite. When nominating the next 449 appointments, he should step away from the political establishment, and nominate more people from outside the political class. We can suggest people if necessary.
  • Many Americans are worried about the United States’ international standing. The Trump Administration should make moves to sure up the confidence of our European and Middle Eastern Allies. This includes reassuring our NATO allies, and improving our standing within the UN.
  • Many Americans, including Republicans, have reservations about President Trump’s budget proposals. Instead of cutting drastically from the discretionary budget, there is a military spending issue that can be looked at. For decades there have been concerns about the military acquisition system, which is causing the United States military to overpay for equipment. This system also creates long wait times for supplies. Fixing this issue would save the United States billions of dollars without hurting military readiness.
  • Another concern of Americans is the long term sustainability of  Medicaid and Medicare. For far too long, the United States government has allowed the healthcare industry to tap these two funds as a seemingly endless supply of profits. A new system of checks and balances need to be levied, so that recipients of Medicare and Medicaid  are being treated with respect, and not turned into cash cows for unsavory businesses.

By addressing these nine issues, the Reform Party wishes to advise the White House and President Trump on ways to improve his approval rating, and move America forward. The Reform Party hopes, that for the betterment of America, President Trump will at least consider what we have to say.

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