Oct 16 2016

Supporters of Bernie Sanders Should Look at Roque De La Fuente in General Election

Like Bernie Sanders, Roque De La Fuente campaigned in the 2016 Democratic Primary. He left the primary and ran with the support of the Reform Party, because the primary was rigged in favor of Clinton. Despite once opposing Bernie Sanders, they both agree on numerous issues. These issues include:

  • Roque and Bernie both support Universal Healthcare
  • Roque and Bernie both support free higher education
  • Roque and Bernie believe the electoral system needs reform
  • Roque and Bernie both believe in equal opportunity.

Due to these reasons, Roque De La Funete is a better fit in the general election for Bernie Sanders’ supporters then Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The Reform Party would like to encourage those that voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary to vote for Roque De La Fuente in the general election.

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