Jan 18 2016

The Reform Party is Looking For Donations

The Reform Party is always looking for small donations to fund our operation. Right now we have several financial needs including fundraising expenses, communication expenses and website upgrades. Please check us out, and consider helping out.

Moving towards the 2016 elections, the Reform Party is going to need money to handle communications relating to the convention and the 2016 elections. Currently we are putting together a budget for a proposed convention (the site will be announced late) and the expenses necessary to announce our Presidential nominee.

During the 2016 election, the Reform Party may seek to put together an election fund, and spend money in states where the Reform Party has ballot access. Any amount of money will help in this, and if we can piece together even a small amount to help a presidential candidate, it will increase the value of our ballot lines.

If you would like to donate to the Reform Party, it is possible to do so through our contribution page.

It is also possible to send a check to the Reform Party at:

Reform Party of the United States

PO Box 660675 #3995

Dallas, TX 75266-0675

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