Dec 06 2016

Town Supervisor Jon Winter Joins the Reform Party

The Following is a statement from Jon Winter:

“In the primary election this past August I ran as a Democrat candidate because I felt the party most closely aligned with my values. What I have found out since that time is it doesn’t but neither does the Republican party align with my values. I do have an interest in pursuing an elected position in the future, however, no immediate plans other than a local Town position.

As of right now, I’m an independent candidate that has aligned with the Reform Party National Committee’s Platform. The Reform Party best expresses my balanced political views.

My alignment with the Reform Party is to make my personal political views and involvement as transparent as possible, while my declaration as an independent candidate shows my commitment to serve all citizens.

My values have not changed only my party affiliation has changed.”

Jon Winter is currently a town supervisor from Lakeside, Wisconsin.

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