We are delighted to welcome former Louisiana governor and Congressman Buddy Roemer to our Party! (Yes, that’s right, he was BOTH a governor AND a Congressman – only one running with those credentials – impressive, eh?)

Governor Roemer announced today (Feb. 22) that he has left the Republican Party but will continue seeking the nomination for president of the United States – under the banner of the Reform Party!

This has been a long time coming! The GOP virtually shunned Gov. Roemer this entire primary debate season, not inviting him to any of that party’s debates for dubious reasons, such as he had not raised enough money (since when is that a legitimate criterion?) and did not rank high enough in the polls (though at one time he out-polled Texas Gov. Rick Perry in New Hampshire, who was invited to the debate in that state, and every other debate while he was running).

Could it be that because Gov. Roemer refuses to take PAC money or donations over $100, he would expose the other GOP nominees (and President Obama) as political sellouts? Whatever the reason, the GOP ignored Gov. Roemer, and very wisely, he has moved on. Much like Ronald Reagan, when asked why he had left the Democrats to join the Republicans responded “I didn’t leave the Democrats, they left me,” the Republicans have left Gov. Roemer – and many, many others – and the Democrats have too, for that matter. The Reform Party is the ideal home for Gov. Roemer, because its platform so closely mirrors his own.

In addition to seeking the Reform Party’s nomination, Gov. Roemer is trying to become the candidate for Americans Elect – which is not a actually a political party, but a grassroots movement committed to mobilizing the country to “pick a president, not a party.” Some of AE’s faithful, however, have lost all confidence in ANY political party (not just the two incumbent parties), and so they do not think Gov. Roemer’s decision to join the Reform Party was wise. Of course, as one might expect, we disagree.

As Americans Elect has no political platform (it is instead a vehicle to mobilize voters behind the candidate of their choosing), there is no reason why we would not wish them well, and we intend to support their efforts as best we can. We hope that their supporters return the favor, and unite with us in our common goal: to elect a credible alternative to the same-old same-old candidates of the two incumbent parties.