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Every year we see Americans say they want a third party.
Now is the time to take action and get involved.

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62% of Americans want a third party and a better choice.

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Polling has shown that Americans do not like the growing extremism in both parties. In poll after poll, the growing concensus among Americans is that more choices in our elections are necessary and will help cure polarization that comes from just two parties.

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Here are three recent blog posts from the Reform Party.

13 July 2024 By Nicholas Hensley in Latest Updates

Reform Party Statement on the Attempted Assassination of President Donald Trump

Tonight’s assassination attempt on President Donald Trump was a despicable attack, not just on him, but on democracy itself. Violence cannot have a place in our political discourse. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the victims of the shooting and their families. Author Nicholas Hensley View all posts
11 July 2024 By Nicholas Hensley in Latest Updates

Reform Party Chairman’s Statement on Cryptocurrency

After years of being an advocate against cryptocurrency, my opinions have changed.
10 July 2024 By Nicholas Hensley in Latest Updates

Weak Republican Platform Allows Reform Party to Seize the Moment

The Republican Party gutted its platform by removing fifty pages of content. During this removal, the Republican Platform Committee removed all of the GOP’s substantial issues.