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Data and Insights To Share with People You Know (Coming Soon)

Interested in knowing what the total national debt is? Or how much money Democrats and Republicans have spent in the last 20 years? Looking for nuggets of data and insights to share with others as you discuss politics? Take a look at this section. Coming soon.

Take our National and Local Issues Survey (Coming Soon)

This survey is 20 questions and covers a wide range of topics, including asking you to prioritize the national as well as the state and local issues that are most important to you, as well as your opinion on top issues of the day such as the economy, income inequality, taxation and more. Coming soon.

Popular Political Graphics and Memes To Share on Social Media (Coming Soon)

Everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Parler and even Instagram are sharing different graphics and memes. Some are outrageously false, while others are just outrageous. Our goal is to continuously build a resource library of images that you can share online that help fight political corruption. Coming soon.

Reform Party Candidate Recruitment Underway

Candidates seeking all federal, state and local officers urged to contact Reform Party National Committee to discuss their plans. The Reform Party is currently seeking candidates for federal, state and local offices, and already has several potential candidates.

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A Pox On Both Their Houses!

It’s just a mess! Is it fixable? Is American Government still decent? How are you going to prove that to bread-and-butter, hard-working, ethical Americans? The US Government under a Two-Party System is failing at least one-half of its citizens every day, every month, and every year. The winners-take-all approach to America’s political election wrestling has

Celebrating Small Business Owners

It’s a win-win-win for the employer, employee, and the American Economy when the small business sector is booming! A small business employer is often a person motivated to be their own boss or he/she may simply wish to pursue their life’s passion while earning a living. Sometimes the small business owner is dissatisfied with their

Small Business and Worker Shortages

What’s all the buzz about American workers quitting the workspace? It’s more buzz than sting and yet there is evidence the American work force has shrunk.
The Reform Party leadership is appalled by the images coming out of Ukraine. Russian forces have committed atrocities on a scale not seen in Europe since the end of the Stalin Regime.
The greatest job creators in the United States of America are the small businesses and single proprietorships you frequent every day. Your support of local grocery stores, dry cleaners, barbershops, retail stores, and hundreds of other local businesses drives your local job market.

Rebuilding the Reform Party and our Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

As we focus on our operations across the country, we are building the blocks one by one so we can succeed in 2021 and beyond. Learn more.

Modernizing Education for Future Success

We need an education revolution in the US that brings better and more personalized learning options for our children. Education is a lifelong adventure that must fit each student's unique needs and aspirations. Learn more.

Why the National Debt Threatens Our Future

The National Debt in the United States has grown to unsustainable levels. The Federal debt is now over $27 Trillion dollars and is 128% to GDP. We now have over $155 trillion in unfunded future liabilities or obligations. Learn more.