Legislation is drafted with deceptive titles and descriptions to disguise their true intent.

Reform Party to Build on Perot Legacy

In 1992, Ross Perot ran for President. The Texas businessman highlighted several issues that had been thoroughly ignored, including a laundry list of economic issues and the national debt. At the conclusion of his presidential run, he received twenty percent of the popular vote. His Presidential run was the best showing from an independent candidate
We had a great year in 2021. For the first time in twenty years, the Reform Party is operating as intended. Our standing committees, all long defunct, are now staffed and working. The payoff from this success was exponential. The Reform Party raised more money this year than the last four years combined. We also improved our organizational rules, introduced new communication technologies, held educational conferences, and made many other modernizations. In doing this, the Reform Party leadership set a baseline to measure success in future years.
COVID Insurance Cost Share for Treatment To End
There is an important  health insurance cost share freeze that is going to expire that no one is currently discussing with the potential to affect millions of Americans. At midnight January 1, 2022, the moratorium on insurance cost share for COVID ends. This means that insurance plans can treat COVID like any other medical condition resulting in patients being responsible copays, deductible, and maximum out of pocket expenses. Many commercial insurance companies have stated they do intend to continue fully covering vaccinations, screenings, and tests to diagnose for COVID; but if found positive, treatment will cost the patient.
Reform Party - 2022 Planning and Action Meeting
It is time to get ready for 2022, and start to move towards unseating Democrats and Republicans in elections across the country. Join us as Vice Chairman, Communications, Michael Hackmer, kicks off our 2022 planning and action meeting, reviews our new Member Only website and action plan, and then opens up the meeting for Q&A.

Why the National Debt Threatens Our Future

The National Debt in the United States has grown to unsustainable levels. The Federal debt is now over $27 Trillion dollars and is 128% to GDP. We now have over $155 trillion in unfunded future liabilities or obligations. Learn more.