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Amelia May Johnson is running for Justice of the Peace, District 8, in Clark County, Arkansas. She is running to represent the silent majority who refuse to register with a political party. Although 92% of registered voters in Clark County are unaffiliated, Johnson is the only independent candidate. Endorsed by the Reform Party, Amelia May Johnson is deeply committed to uniting a broad coalition around fiscal responsibility, electoral reform, and constitutional rights.
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Reform Party Endorses Michelle Lewis for US Senate in North Carolina
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Leigh Pollet and Nicholas Hensley issue joint statement Our dear friends in New York and across the United States, The recent events in New York are absurd. We can almost picture former, disgraced governor Andrew Cuomo laughing like a comic book villain, as numerous small parties ceased to exist. His actions were an egotistical power
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The Reform Party has announced it has endorsed Evan McMullin, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations officer and political independent, for the US Senate in Utah.
Legislation is drafted with deceptive titles and descriptions to disguise their true intent.

Why the National Debt Threatens Our Future

The National Debt in the United States has grown to unsustainable levels. The Federal debt is now over $27 Trillion dollars and is 128% to GDP. We now have over $155 trillion in unfunded future liabilities or obligations. Learn more.