Transportation and Infrastructure

To keep America moving efficiently and safely, we need a comprehensive transportation and infrastructure plan.

Mass transit, public and private transportation and our overall infrastructure are critical to our continued success as a nation. The Reform Party wants to ensure that the transportation needs of all Americans are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We want to stabilize through better management public and mass transit operations, as well as find ways to increase competition and reduce costs.

To get started, the Reform Party would open a more substantive dialogue with the American people on what their transportation needs are, their evaluation of the quality of existing services as well as break-down the current models to make sure they are being run in the most effective ways possible.

Traditionally, what has failed Americans in the past, have been the ideological and partisan battles over transportation budgets and priorities. The Reform Party believes that if we focus on the essential needs of the American people, our long-term strategic needs as well as costs, we can develop a plan that will lead to a better transportation system.

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Reform Party calls on Alabama to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge to John Robert Lewis Bridge to honor the late congressman. On Friday, Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), the son of Alabama sharecroppers who was one of the original 13 activists who participated in the Freedom Rides and an organizer of the March on Washington, passed
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Reform Party Elects New Officers and Fills Vacancies

On June 13th, 2020 the Reform Party National Committee met to elect new officers for the 2021 to 2025 term and fill executive committee vacancies. Long time Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley of North Carolina was elected the next Reform Party Chairman. He replaces Bill Merrell. Nicholas Hensley, experienced in both political operations and communications,