These statements summarize our Platform stances on core issues:

Fiscal Responsibility -The Reform Party supports fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Tax Policy - The Reform Party supports fair taxation policies without prejudice or special interest exceptions.

Job Creation - The Reform Party supports an “America First” position.

Personal Healthcare - The Reform Party supports affordable and accessible healthcare based on informed decisions between doctor and patient.

Education - The Reform Party supports equal access to and accountability for education.

Government and Ethics - The Reform Party supports legislation and rules across all branches of government that enforce the highest ethical standards and effective oversight.

Environmental Policy -The Reform Party supports safeguarding our nation’s natural resources balanced with the need for economic development.

Energy Policy - The Reform Party supports energy independence from foreign sources.

Foreign Policy - The Reform Party supports policies that respect the sovereignty of all nations, support our allies, and are fiscally responsible.

National Security -The Reform Party supports policies and programs that best guarantee the security of our national borders, the safety of our citizens and the economic interests of our country.

Constitutional Rights - The Reform Party supports the Principles established in the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence as our guiding principles for the rights of our citizens and for defining the scope of our Government.

Social Issues - The Reform Party takes no stance as an organization on issues such as pro-life/pro-choice and gay marriage.

To learn more about where we stand on each of these issues, please click on the drop-down list under Issues in the menubar.