Economy and Job Market

Security, Opportunity, Prosperity:

Our citizens’ and our nation’s future are dependent on economic security, opportunity, and prosperity. The Reform Party commits itself to holding America’s political leaders responsible for prioritizing our country’s financial security and economic stability in all global trade policies and agreements.

The Reform Party promotes effective:

  • trade priorities and domestic policies that build industry, manufacturing, and technological innovation.
  • trade policies that adhere to mission and strategic vision statements and implement audit and compliance requirements.
  • periodic trade agreement reviews and revisions to prepare policy for future trends.

U.S. economic standards depend on:

  • contributions of domestic capital, innovation, and labor.
  • trade policy transparency, awareness, and understanding.
  • dynamic regulations, ready to respond to changing conditions.

Government regulations should encourage economic stability and growth. To support the domestic job market, it is necessary to review and revise labor regulations to promote the efficacy of employment opportunities and conditions.

The Reform Party believes that entrepreneurship is a core American value and small business success is a primary driver of our country’s economy.

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