Election Confidence:

The Reform Party will continue to propose improvements to government election processes as well as private campaign processes. All positions of trust and authority should reflect the voters (as individuals) of the location they serve. We will remain skeptical of corporate, industry, political, and other special interest groups who seek or receive greater participation in government policy than the voters.

Government Election Processes include:

  • Voting and Election Administration
  • Ballot Access Validation
  • Redistricting

Regulation of Campaigns and Lobbying:

  • Campaign Regulation
  • Fundraising and Use-of-Funds Regulation
  • Ballot Access Requirements
  • Candidate, Campaign, and Lobbying Enforcement

The Reform Party holds government officials and lawmakers responsible for ensuring reasonable and convenient access to voter registration, voting, and candidacy for all eligible voters and those seeking a position on the ballot (ballot access).

The Reform Party promotes voting methods that encourage greater voter participation and election transparency. To this end, we support Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), Score Voting, and None-Of-The-Above (NOTA) along with other voting methods that increase the likelihood of the election winner being the candidate who best reflects the will of the community. We oppose voting methods and ballot rules that discourage participation in the election process or leave voters without the ability to express dissent.

Congressional districts are redrawn after each US Census. The Reform Party will monitor this process and take appropriate action when districts are proposed that are not compact, do not reflect complete communities, or do not follow existing political boundaries (such as county borders) where possible. We believe that gerrymandering inhibits the political expression of a local community.

Each Member of Congress is obligated to represent the public interest. The Reform Party will ensure that lobbying practices are established to provide an appropriate connection where the public interest intersects with private interests.

Campaign finance regulations must not place an undue burden on candidates or parties. The Reform Party believes that candidates and political parties must have reasonable access to placement on state and local ballots and participation in election debates. However, campaign and lobbying legislation must include enforcement actions and authorities. Consistent, competent, and effective enforcement will keep political parties and candidate campaigns compliant with the governing election law.

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