Energy and the Environment

Responsible Use of Resources:

The Reform Party actively promotes the responsible use of public and private resources in the United States.

The Reform Party believes American society, services, and industry must be sustainable, responsible, and competitive. Technology and population growth have increased consumption of resources in the United States and the world. To protect against destabilizing trends, the Reform Party supports regulations and industry initiatives that cultivate a healthy environment and high quality of life.

We focus on these areas:

  • Energy Production and Distribution
  • Environmental Planning and Utilization
  • National Security

Energy Production and Distribution:

We recognize that the availability of energy resources (i.e., renewables, carbon-based, and nuclear) varies throughout the country. Energy can be derived from diverse sources and made available to meet the demands of all locations in the country.

The Reform Party advocates for responsible development, deployment, and use of evolving sources, such as biofuels and thermal depolymerization of organic waste.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) website illustrates the diversity of energy resources based on physical geography.[1]

EIA data suggests that energy requirements will continue to increase regardless of gains in production and efficiency.[2]

Environmental Planning and Utilization:

It is irresponsible not to consider the environment when planning for population growth and industrial expansion.

The United States is rich in natural resources. The Reform Party seeks to preserve these through responsible-use guidelines, education, laws, and regulations.

In every case, there is a balance between enabling our current society to thrive and ensuring that future Americans will also thrive.

National Security:

Modern economics is dependent on energy access. Economic trade with other nations includes energy. We must ensure that sufficient domestic production, reserves, and diversity of resources are maintained to protect our society from foreign interference.



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