Responsibility, Peace, and Sovereignty:

The duty of the United States government is to its people and its foreign policy is the medium between its citizenry and the rest of the world. The political and economic policies within this framework must not undermine the well-being of our nation.

The Reform Party believes that United States foreign relations must navigate the complex interactions between principles, including:

  • Sovereignty of Nations:
    • Borders between nations should only change when no party is under duress and all parties agree. Borders within nations are the responsibility of its citizens. When a nation poses a danger to the United States’ national security, we may respond diplomatically and economically. When a clear and present threat exists, military options must be considered.
  • National Interest:
    • The United States has a long-term interest in supporting nations that respect the dignity and rights of their citizens. When invited by the duly elected government of another country, the United States may assist in building and maintaining freedom and prosperity. Building beneficial relationships with all countries improves national security and economic stability. The Reform Party believes the United States should invest in maintaining a healthy and helpful reputation.
  • Fiscal Responsibility:
    • The United States benefits from the peace and stability of all nations. Facilitating this incurs a cost that should not be the sole responsibility of our taxpayers. Efforts to assist other countries in achieving and maintaining stability require the cooperation of all interested parties.
    • The Reform Party supports innovations, including carefully constructed regulations and agreements that allow charities and other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to address deficiencies in basic human needs in any country that requires aid.
    • The Reform Party supports goodwill efforts, using government assets, to respond to disasters in other countries. We recognize the occasional need to spend United States’ funds on infrastructure and potentially imbalanced trade agreements to benefit the citizens of another country in the short term while returning benefits to the United States in the long term. These efforts and agreements must provide for the responsible termination of these efforts.

As good stewards of the public trust, the Reform Party supports devoting assets where they are effective. The Reform Party advocates for an approach that prioritizes our citizens while recognizing that the well-being of other nations is to the benefit of our nation.

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