Justice and Penal Systems

Improve Processes:

The Reform Party supports improvement to law enforcement, court, and incarceration processes. These institutions must be impartial and fair to victims of crime, those accused of a crime, the convicted, and the community.

  • Law Enforcement:
    • Police have the right to be safe while performing their duties, and still be required to recognize the rights and dignity of those they serve.

  • Legal Process (courts):
    • Plea agreements must be managed responsibly. They should not be used for expediency by either the prosecutor for the people (District Attorney, Attorney General, etc.) or the attorney for the defendant (i.e., public defender).
    • The sentencing process should allow judicial discretion when extenuating circumstances exist to ensure equal justice for all under the law.
    • The Reform Party believes the effectiveness of plea agreements and sentencing guidelines should be monitored for concerns regarding the unequal application of justice.

  • Incarceration:
    • We need a system that removes dangerous criminals from society and provides opportunities for rehabilitation with the purpose of reducing recidivism. The nation's prisons must not be a place for society to hide those who can be rehabilitated, those with addiction issues, and the mentally ill. Job training should be provided for those incarcerated and employment placement assistance should be offered once they are released.

The Reform Party believes our justice system needs to meaningfully address effective addiction treatment, long-term mental health services, and rehabilitation programs.

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