About the Reform Party

The Reform Party was founded by concerned citizens in the early 1990s.


The Reform Party National Committee is dedicated to electing citizens who want to serve their communities at all levels of government - and make accountability, honest leadership, and solutions the cornerstones of their term of service.

Reform Party National Convention - Floor
Perot - Reform Party of California


For over twenty years the Reform Party of the United States has been fighting for honest leadership and real solutions. As the leading moderate, centrist and populist political party, it represents the sixty percent of moderate voters ignored by the Democratic and Republican incumbents. Without backing from any special interest funds, or donations with strings attached, the all volunteer Reform Party is here to fight for you.

The Reform Party stands for ethics reform that create a transparent government beholden to the American People. It fights for the American economy and middle class by supporting common sense economic policies that bring jobs back to the United States, and rebuilds American’s manufacturing sector.

Reform Party - Bringing Generations Together


The Reform Party is the alternative to political gridlock in Washington. We seek to build a political infrastructure that can match the Democrats and Republicans in votes, donations and offices held without succumbing to the special interests and self serving behavior that has corrupted America’s government.

Our commitment to voters is that Reform Party candidates will adopt and maintain a servant's mentality when elected - serving the people we represent, regardless of political party. As part of that service, all elected Reform Party officials will work to find the best solutions to the challenges we face.

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Here are three recent blog posts from the Reform Party.

23 February 2024 By Nicholas Hensley in Latest Updates

Reform Party’s Leaked Letter to CNN

A few hours ago, I was made aware that an letter I wrote to a CNN reporter was leaked to Independent Political Report. I have shown the letter to several politicos across the political spectrum, and that letter was not classified. Though I prefer my letters to not be leaked without permission, I do not
21 February 2024 By Nicholas Hensley in Latest Updates

The Reform Party Says Goodbye to Jim Bacon

The Reform Party was forced to say goodbye to James “Jim” Bacon on February 19th, 2024. Mr. Bacon joined the Reform Party in 2019 after a stint on the Modern Whig Party’s Executive Committee. The Modern Whig Party is a predecessor to the Alliance Party. Mr. Bacon served on the Reform Party’s Platform and Bylaws
31 January 2024 By Nicholas Hensley in Latest Updates

Chairman’s Report: 2023 in Review, Plans for 2024

It was my honor to become the second chairman of the Reform Party National Committee to host three annual reviews of the party. I am grateful that the party membership has bestowed on me the privilege to lead them. I am also grateful for their support and hard work over the past year. There are