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Political organizations should be largely funded from within. They should operate on the energy and resources of their members. Their mission, platform, and objectives should come from their members, contributing with a balanced, collaborative voice.

In contrast to this, billions of dollars, largely from wealthy people and organizations, provides the marketing, staffing, and campaign budgets of the Democratic and Republican parties and candidates. Due to this, their missions tend to drift away from individual voters and toward wherever money flow is the best. The influence of wealth contributes to many of the most challenging aspects of politics, such as career politicians, gerrymandering, and special interest pandering.

The Reform Party believes in fiscal responsibility, including our own. We seek to resolve problems, including those created by oversized financial influence.

We are funded by those who believe our mission, principles, and goals are worthy of their support. Nearly all of our support comes from donations of less than a hundred dollars. Like other volunteer-based organizations, a steady flow of donations, even $1 per month, provides a solid base of funding for organizing tools and services, outreach, supplies, and activities.

Special projects need funding as well. This is where one-time donations shine!

To comply with Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, we are required to obtain minimum personal information. We retain the right to refuse or return any donation that violates the law or donation limits. According to federal laws, the party cannot accept cash donations over fifty dollars.

Donate Securely by Card or PayPal


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