Reform Party Call to Convention 2023

As the Chairman of the Reform Party of the United States, it is my honor to call the Reform Party to convene in person, for the first time since the pandemic. The theme of the convention is “Foundations for the Future”. This convention will lay foundations for the future of the Reform Party and the United States. The Reform Party will meet at the Capital Center Hilton in Baton Rouge on Saturday, October 7th, 2023. The voting delegates are scheduled to meet at 9 am and work until 11 am to finalize the many projects and energize the Reform Party. We intend to end the morning session as an organized, cohesive, and functional organization.

The Reform Party will be finalizing our platform and bylaws. For most of the Reform Party’s existence, the Reform Party platform was a patchwork quilt of ideas from different eras thrown together and never changed. Through the work of Reform Party Platform Chair, Richard Kasa, and Northeastern Representative, Richard Walker, the Reform Party will have a modern platform for the 21st Century. This proposal is built on the foundations of Ross Perot and the early Reform Party, but now reflects modern needs.

The Reform Party bylaws have grown to be inadequate for our present organization. Over the past year, I have led the effort to scrap the 2008 bylaws and write a new set. With the help of longtime member and Treasurer David Collision and Vice-chair Shawn Storm, we are completing a comprehensive set of rules and structure for the party.

The branding of the Reform Party is over a decade old. The last part of the work session will allow us to finalize a new look and style. We expect to modernize the party with an exciting look and brand.

At 1 pm (Central Time), the Reform Party Convention will open to the public. This will be the first time that members of the public will be invited to a Reform Party Convention. We will present presentations on five major issues facing the United States and show our solutions. We will present a report on the current state of the Reform Party, show our new plans for operations, fundraising, and ballot access. We will be conducting straw polls, holding a raffle, hold meet and greets with officers and conduct fundraising events. We will also be holding conversations about political issues and welcoming feedback from attendees.

If you wish to join us, you can register here:

The Reform Party has already paid most fees and costs associated with this gathering, however there are many advertising opportunities we could benefit from with extra donations. If you would like to make a small contribution, you may at:

I look forward to seeing you in Baton Rouge.

Nicholas Hensley
Reform Party National Committee