Platform of the Reform Party

The Reform Party is citizen-driven and committed to reforming government

We, the members of the Reform Party, commit ourselves to reform our political system. Together we will work to re-establish trust in our government by electing ethical officials, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and political accountability.

The following statements summarize our Platform stances on core issues.  For more information, visit Our Solutions.    

ELECTION REFORM: The Reform Party will change the election and lawmaking policies and processes in such a way that it gives the voter direct access to those running for and elected to office.


LEGISLATIVE PROCESSES AND LOBBYING: The Reform Party will create an amendment requiring: single subject bills, bills and addenda considered on the merits within only, and a periodic review of past laws made under the microscope of value to the citizenry and its constitutionality.


REDUCE GOVERNMENT OVERREACH AND SIZE: The Reform Party will create policies so that more program control and community level work is addressed at the state, county, and city levels in order to reduce and combine federal and state-level agencies.


GOVERNMENT AND ETHICS: The Reform Party expects and will demand only the highest ethical practices of our candidates and all elected officials.


FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: The Reform Party will enforce fiscal responsibility and hold legislative and executive leaders accountable for it at our national, state and city levels.


TAX POLICY: The Reform Party will create and utilize a fair tax policy for both citizens and industry that will allow the country to grow and prosper.


ECONOMY AND JOB MARKET: The Reform Party will strengthen and encourage job creation and implement economic policies that hold our citizens' best interests in the highest priority, first and foremost.


ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES: The Reform Party seeks to find and maintain the balance between the United States' energy needs and independence versus the protection and preservation of our natural environment and public spaces.


PERSONAL HEALTHCARE: The Reform Party will change healthcare policy in such a way to make it affordable for Americans by addressing all areas of cost increase rather than a simple focus on insurance costs.


EDUCATION: The Reform Party will ensure equal access to all persons seeking to further their knowledge and will create accountability for individuals and institutions that provide education.


NATIONAL SECURITY: The Reform Party will build and enforce policies and programs that best guarantee the security of our national borders, the safety of our citizens from foreign and domestic threats, and the security of America's economic interests.


FOREIGN POLICY: The Reform Party will build policies that respect the sovereignty of all nations, support our allies, and are fiscally responsible.


REFORM JUSTICE AND PENAL SYSTEMS: The Reform Party will enact sweeping changes to policing policies, the national court systems, the penal system, and community-based programs to bring justice back to the law, instead of favoring those in positions of power or the criminal element.


CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: The Reform Party will uphold the principles established within the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence as our guiding principles for the rights of our citizens and for defining the scope of our Government.


SOCIAL ISSUES: The Reform Party takes NO STANCE as an organization on social issues such as pro-life/pro-choice and gay marriage.


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