2020 Reform Party National Convention

Proposed Platform Additions

Following our vote for our candidate for President, the Reform Party National Convention will take up proposed additions to our platform.

Changes to the Party's platform help to better define the most important positions we take as an organization and help to define our mission and beliefs to voters. Therefore, it is important that each Member and Delegate remain following the vote so we can maintain quorum and consider these proposed additions.

Restore Representative Democracy Through Real Choice

The current bipolar system encourages minority rule and partisan extremism resulting in the “metronome effect” and unstable governance.

We can restore Representative Democracy through real choice at the polls through:

  • Automatic ballot access for candidates of all FEC Qualified Political Parties
  • Ranked Choice Voting or Scored voting system to eliminate the fear of “Wasted Vote” effects
  • None of the Above option that results in automatic recall of the winner and a special election to follow.

Restore Economic Freedom

The main ones who have benefited from “Free Trade” are those with economic power. We can restore local competition and local benefits by:

  • Recognizing that the only real free trade is Fair Trade, where companies operate under similar safety, health, and environmental laws on a level playing field.
  • Reversing decades of consolidation of economic and media power, so small and medium entrepreneurs can compete, and people have real choices.
  • Ensuring laws account for the economic security and
  • Mobility of American citizens, not a race to the bottom.
  • Ensuring our rights to our personal information’s security and privacy.

Restore Good Government

The current form of campaign financing is inherently corrupting, resulting in a government OF, BY, and FOR whoever can donate the most money to ever more expensive electoral campaigns. We can restore Good Government by:

  • Reducing the cost of elections and unlinking money as a primary criteria for elect-ability
  • Mandated free air-time and mailing for qualified candidates
  • Election Portals and Public Service Announcements for elections instead of individual candidate advertisements.
  • Prohibit the transfer of campaign funds from one candidate or candidate’s committee to another candidate or candidate’s committee. Funds donated to one candidate must remain with that candidate, until that committee is dissolved. Any unused funds upon dissolving may only be donated to that candidate’s party national committee or applied to the US national debt.
  • Eliminate and prohibit any federal level committees that use recognized party limits (examples leadership PACs, Senate & House election committees) other than the party national committee. There can only be a single federal level committee that can financially support multiple candidates.
  • Non-profit organizations shall not raise or spend money to influence elections. Existing 501(c) organizations must spin off all donations and expenditures intended to influence elections to separate taxable and donor-reportable entities. No more dark money influencing elections.
  • Business association dues and/or payments to 501(c)6 organizations shall not be a tax-deductible expense.