2020 Reform Party National Convention

Proposed Rules Changes

Following our vote for our candidate for President, the Reform Party National Convention will take up proposed rules changes.

Changes to the rules are sometimes necessary to ensure better Party operations. Therefore, it is important that each Member and Delegate remain following the vote so we can maintain quorum and consider these proposed changes.

Mr. Collison (TX) submitted the following language to the Rules Committee to resolve a potential issue with how officer vacancies are handled:

1. That Article VI, Section 8 of the Bylaws (aka “Rules”) be amended to add:

"In the event a vacancy occurs for any office, after elections for new terms of office and prior to the beginning of the new term, that vacancy shall be filled by the officer elected to that office for the upcoming term, extending the term of office for that particular office, to include the remainder of the prior term of office."

Background: Currently, if a current officer vacates their position, and an officer-elect exists for that position, the officer elect does not automatically fill that vacancy. This change would correct this issue.

UPDATE: The above rule was reviewed during the Convention on June 20, 2020. It was adopted without objection by the Delegates.

The Reform Party of Texas submitted the following proposed changes to the National Bylaws:

2. That the rules be amended such that the election of a National Officer does not vacate the normal National Committee position for that state.

Rewording: Amend Artilcle II, Section 2(a) by replacing the words "the executive committee" with "the regional representatives"

* Additional explanation: The executive committee is made up of the regional representatives (7) and the officers.(4). The officers are required to be a national committee member and this rule change ensures that each state party is limited to 3 national committee members to ensure fairness.

3. That the rules be amended such that it eliminates the pre-defined position of Executive Director.

Rewording: Amend the Rules by striking and removing Section 11 of Article VI in its entirety, and re-numbering the remaining Sections accordingly.

Note: This would not prevent the creation of an Executive Director position (or any other) by the Executive Committee or National Committee should one become necessary or advised.

UPDATE: The above rules were reviewed during the Convention on June 20, 2020. There were adopted without objection by the Delegates.