2020 Reform Party National Convention

Thank You for Joining Us

On behalf of the Reform Party Executive Committee, we want to thank all the National Committee Members, Delegates and candidates for joining us for our first virtual Convention.

We are committed to improve every phase of the Reform Party's operations, recruit qualified candidates and raise the funds that can help train candidates and grow our reach and membership.

If you share our goals, we need you to stay involved and work with us.

Over 60% of all Americans want an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. Voters see the harmful influence of special interest groups and big corporations in our government, and they know neither the Democrats nor Republicans are committed to change.

We ask that you remember: we have a significant advantage over all other parties. Since our founding, the Reform Party has stood as the people's Party - a citizen-driven movement that believes that we, the people, own this country. Our brand and our mission is to find the best solutions to address our challenges. This is a powerful message that resonates with all Americans.

The opportunity to build a successful and strong Reform Party is there. Let's work together to build an organization that we can all be proud of.

The Reform Party Executive Committee